On the 20-21st of November 2015, I participated in the Social Storm event where some students and I represented the University of Essex.
We were from different countries, taking different courses and from different cultures which was a perfect mix in my team. We had to study and solve one of three of the world’s current problems in 24 hours.

Problems are the following:

1- How to make the world rely 100% on renewable energy by 2030?
2- How to empower women in African and Asian countries?
3- How to make the internet accessible worldwide?

The fact that I had to interact, communicate and exchange ideas with distant team members was challenging for me, it gave me a lot of experience and enhanced my skills in groupware projects.

Working on a project for 24 hours gave me more confidence with my time management skills and was a chance for me to boost my experience in working under the pressure of a deadline.

As a team, we split the project into tasks and each one took a task relative to his course as a first criteria or knowledge as a second. My task was building a website and a mobile app for the project. I developed a wordpress website, designed it and filled it with all recuired content and information and then created a Mobile app prototype using proto.io online tool as we didn’t have enough time and we had to show something working.



Social Storm event’s website: http://www.globalsocialstorm.org/