Working with the government on a healthcare project that has a huge social impact, gave me and my startup, Liberrex, a wide exposer in the market and on social media.

ShamsFM radio reached out to me and asked for an interview. The program, called My Success, was about success stories and entrepreneurial journeys of young and successful Tunisians.

The interviewer, Hamza el Baloumi, asked me about my first steps in the Tech world and how it all started to finally become a Software Engineer. I explained how much I was interested in technology at a young age and how I decided to specialize in IT when I joined high school. Hamza took me deeper in the details of my professional journey after my Baccalaureate degree and how I managed to join big companies like Orange Tunisia at a young age.

Hamza wanted as well to know why I decided to move to the UK for my higher education and how I found the experience at the University of Essex, and I answered;

“I always had an interest in the British culture and I had skills in English at an early age. The University of Essex was the best option for me as I wanted to live somewhere far away from the city so I can focus on my studies and the University had a very good reputation. I really enjoyed the experience and loved the course I took, it opened a lot of doors for me in the market and I managed to join Intel UK for 13 months.”

The interview became more exciting to me when Hamza asked me about Liberrex and about the partnership with the government. I chose to start with the meaning of Liberrex:

“Liberrex is a combination between 2 words, Liber which is a Latin word that means freedom and ex that stands for experience. The reason behind choosing the name is that we wanted to remind ourselves of our mission of setting people free from waiting rooms and help them experience freedom.”

Hamza wanted also to know how it all started and where did the idea come from so I added:

“Like every patient, I once had an appointment with my dentist at 9:00 AM. I went to the clinic on time and I was surprised that the dentist did not come on time and all the appointments got shifted. I had no idea how long I was going to wait or when I can come back to get the service. The only thing I was sure about was, if I left the waiting room, I would’ve lost my rank in the queue.”

For the rest of the interview, I explained how the partnership with the government started and what issues we are facing in terms of decision making and moving things forward. Hamza addressed his words to the government officials and asked live on the Radio to find a way to reduce the processing time and to start working on making things happen in shorter periods.

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