My definition of success is actually minimized in the 4 following points:

  • Think wisely.
  • Plan carefully.
  • Work hard.
  • Never be satisfied, keep it going.

But, you can not follow these points to achieve success when you don’t have what I call the ‘success background’. So, what is ‘success background’? And how can you achieve it?


What is ‘success background’?

SB (success background) is everything you learn from your daily life, it’s the way you deal with your problems on daily basis and your view to yourself and others.
We all can face problems, but it is remarkable how different are we in choosing the right approache to solve them. Those who are still looking for their way to success, are that kind of people who take their problems as a curse instead of a blessing. They think that what happened to them is bad and they are meant to be suffering, while it is not the case. If a bad thing happens in your life, you should be happy! Because this is a new opportunity for you to learn and gain power in something. Some people feel sorry for their selves, some others feel guilty and some others feel that life is unfair because it happened to them not those who deserves it.

These thoughts they have are stopping them from taking their first step in the success way. If you want to set yourself free from these thoughts then follow the following DON’TS list:

  • Don’t compare yourself to others, you have your unique DNA and so your personality and life should be.
  • Don’t feel sorry for yourself, just feel the power you gain from each experience.
  • Don’t say to yourself why everything bad is happening just to me and not others. Believe it or not, it is happening to you because you are the chosen one. You will end up by being smarter and more successful than those who haven’t experienced what you already went through.

I personally believe in these following words “The more you learn, the more you earn..”, earning is not only related to money, it can be earning skills, new vision,  and experience which sometimes can be worth millions.


How can you achieve your SB?

You can say I am successful when you achieve your dreams “what you always wanted to do”. The problem is not about how big you dream, the problem is the fact that you dream instead of having goals. You cannot achieve what you want until you put them on your TO DO list and work hard to achieve your goals.

While you’re setting a “TO DO” list, be careful about who you want to impress. The problem with unsuccessful people is they always want to impress others, this will not make all of your potential show up because impressing people around is an easy task and the hardest task is to impress yourself. So work to impress yourself and get that “WOOOW” expression on your face whenever you see what you’ve done, and once you achieve that “WOOOW”, be sure you’re halfway there, on your way to success!

Impressing yourself will guide you to challenging yourself which needs more power than challenging people. While you’re challenging yourself, never say “I can’t do it”, be sure that you’ll find a way instead to do it. Don’t fear the future and don’t fear anything because it’s all a waste of time. So, always expect the worse to happen to avoid disappointments. Prepare yourself for everything and always have a plan “B” and be always ready to let go of what you love at any moment. Because nothing is ours forever in this world and this is how life goes.

All you can see around you of inventions is made by people like you, so don’t underestimate yourself. Everyone has his own skills and potentials, all you need to do is to find them and work on them for improvement.

You might feel lost now, you might feel that those who are successful now had better opportunities than you do have now. Well! it’s not the case, because it’s not always about opportunities, it’s all about willing to go ahead and challenge yourself to get yourself a future that you’ll be proud of.