The university of Essex, in partnership with Provide, set up a healthcare mobile app competition. I couldn’t miss the chance to put my mobile development skills into practice, I made a team of three including me as a developer, Emeka as a designer and Edoardo as business analyst. Such a great mix of skills made the work smoother and we are confident that we can deliver a high quality product.

The competition is divided into two rounds, the first was developing a mock-up with a detailed description about the app including the functionalities that me and I my team intend to implement. The second round is developing the app in 30 days and deliver a fully functional product before the deadline.

We won the first round and our project was selected to go to the next round with two other teams. As winners, we received a prize worth £1000, but we find this experience worthless.

I came up with idea of the app as I have a long experience with IT in the healthcare sector. The idea was to develop an Hybrid mobile app (cross-platform) that makes the interaction between practitioners and patients easier and smoother. The idea focused on resolving daily issues and problems patients and practitioners can face, like data exchange between medical centers and access to medical records.