Cambridge Accelerator and SUGA Program

As part of my entrepreneurial journey in the UK, my startup, Liberrex, was selected to join a weekend acceleration program in Judge Business School in Cambridge.

The program is a result of collaboration between the SUGA program, sponsored by Santander Bank, and the Cambridge Accelerator. A weekend full of knowledge, inspiration, insight and fun.

The kickoff was with an introduction of the team, the agenda and introduction of guests. The first guest was the CEO of VocalIQ, an amazing and tech genius entrepreneur called Blaise Thomson.

Blaise talked about his journey from the very beginning as a research student until the exist and deal with Apple. He started the business while working on the technology as a researcher and partnered with his supervisor to create a company. They managed to secure investment and grow the company from a theoretical research paper to a product that has a high value in the market. VocalIQ was not just a startup that wanted to grow from a business perspective only, they had a mission of making this world a better place through including voice commands in daily tasks and through making making machines more flexible and smarter when it to natural language processing. This startup had a very bright future ahead of it, but in 2015, Apple stepped in and expressed its interest in acquiring not only the technology but the founding team as well. What caught my attention is that Blaise and his partners didn’t think twice about the offer and their decision was driven by the fact that the deal with Apple will help their technology have a wider and a larger impact on humanity.

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