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Hello, I’m a Software Engineer specialized in Laravel and Ionic, from Nabeul, Tunisia. I hold a BEng degree in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Essex.

I am not a regular Software Engineer! I am a Business minded Software Engineer with strong entrepreneurial skills. Strengthened with my experiences from Intel UK and Liberrex LTD, I have deep experience in Project management and team leading.

My Experience

CEO / Manager

• Leadership and management of software development cycle.
• Developed the system backend using Laravel (PHP).
• Developed a RESTful API using Laravel (PHP).
• Developed Mobile app using Ionic3 (AngularJs 5).
• Leadership and management of the business including meetings with potential customers and focus group meetings with actual customers.

Liberrex LTD2018-Present

Full-stack Engineer

• Developed and tested new functionalities for a SaaS product.
• Collaborated with the IT team in Documentation, Modeling, Planning, Testing and Confirmation of functionalities.
• Used Git and Slack as a means of collaboration with local and distant team members.

Above Surveying LTD2017-2018

Software Engineer

• Leadership and management of BI project.
• Developed a BI intelligent web solution to help Intel employees track product quality and returns.
• Built a smart mirror project based on NodeJs and Intel RealSense camera.
• Built Robot cars controlled from Web and mobile app.
• Built a Mobile app using IONIC to control robot cars using Bluetooth communication.