About me

A BEng Computer Systems Engineering student, Currently working as a Software Engineer / Customer Quality Engineer at Intel UK. I have an excellent programming background with strong technical skills including web and software development.

I had a normal childhood until the day I had my first computer. Since that day, my passion for technology is growing every day until it became an addiction. At hight school, I had my first programming class in 2008 and since then I have never missed an ‘A’ grade in programming or any related IT subjects.

I had my Baccalaureate with honors, then I started a new adventure at University. I have always been ambitious, on my first year at Uni I made my first Android mobile app and I have received a lot of encouragement and support from Orange TunisiaOn June 2012, I had an opportunity to join Orange’s first summer challenge program for 3 months of internship full of knowledge, professionalism, respect and fun. Such an experience gave me a huge push in my career.

Three years later I had my degree as a Superior technician in IT with honors. A few days later I received my acceptance letter from the University of Essex and now I am doing a BEng Computer Systems Engineering degree. Essex Uni is a new start in my career, I have received all kind of encouragement and facilities from staff and lecturers. I’m currently enroled in a 4 years degree inluding a placement year.